Angelina Jolie Bestows Gift, Hidden Message Upon Brad Pitt

It is a bottle of blood, but Angelina Jolie has made a very special gift for Brad Pitt, a symbol of their love and closely describes how he feels about him:
A diamond pendant engraved with a message of love microscopic.
Exactly what Angelina has been written, is a secret, its creator, says the Daily Mail: "I can not tell you what it says, and you should be under a microscope to read it.The pendant is based on Egyptian amulets, which contained hidden messages ", the technology is completely new. .. hidden message is lasered. "

UK jeweler Robert Procopio said he also has been associated with it in a jewelry line called the style of Angelina Jolie. I wonder what style is. Control?

What do you think the message said Brad microscopic pendant? We will never know for sure, but Star will come with something good. Our ideas:

* If you like the look so much Jen'm going to castrate you.

* Selling as a supply of 130 Haitian refugees.

* Angelina: Oscar. Brad: No Oscar.

* I am pregnant with triplets


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