Buzz Was That He Had Agreed To Disclose And MF Husain Painting

Vidya Balan has not agreed to postpone for a painting for renowned artist MF Husain, told a close friend of the actress.

"History is made to damage his reputation and did not go well with Vidya who has always maintained a dignified position, both in their personal and professional life," said the friend.

Husain says Vidya particular person, faced with a very sensual and sophisticated, and the newspaper reported that she gave birth to all of his painting.

But Vidya who will act in Ekta Kapoor 'Dirty Pictures, has always maintained that it would take up projects only with an aesthetic sense.

"The news is absolutely hysterical. We are in the month of February, not April. Vidya has always maintained a dignified image and is one of the most respected in the industry. Reports of the parties concerned Vidya and if ever decide to make a painting, will be strictly face. Hopefully this puts an end to speculation, "said the friend.


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