Find Deepika 'sexy Dum'dar Maar DUM DUM

The cat is finally out of the bag. The number of long-awaited first appearance with Deepika Padukone, who was held in secret is finally revealed. The song is the remixed version of the legendary song Dum Dum from Hare Rama Hare Krishna Maar.

Deepika will be seen revolving sexy number who worked very hard for the appearance of the song. She worked hard and trained rigorously for the dance. The number that is one of the most anticipated songs of the season, will Deepika in her sexy avatar to date.

She had to wear the shortest skirts ever worn by an actress in Bollywood, but when she started her dance moves, she realized that her movements are awkward because of the short skirt, and as Dum Dum song has some Maaro great dance steps, can be changed.

It was then named director Rohan Sippy Deepika, and asked him to move a little, except that she was unable to do justice to the sensual dance moves. Rohan immediately agreed, and asked the designer Anahita Shroff ADAJANIA change the suit a bit. The team was eventually changed to hot shorts, and acorns on it to give the appearance of a skirt. But we are sure that nobody complains that Deepika is looking fab in it.

Not only that, Deepika scene was very hard to make the song, there was a scene, Deepika had to be about 50-60 large, red ants crawling on his back. The scene was very central, but Rohan Sippy Deepika does not like having to make a scene, because it would be very risky.

But Deepika is a thorough professional that she is, refuses to use a body double, although Rohan Sippy has insisted on using one for the stage as she felt that would not look authentic, and chose to do the scene himself.

Deepika had to be crawlies on the shoulders nearly half day because the scene was shot from different angles. Deepika is often bitten by ants, but was never questioned. In fact, when the strike is over, Deepika back was completely red, because the ant bites.

The look beautiful actress, hot smoking in song, in fact, is the first time that the girl part of the film, was the poster of a film that also solo.


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