Katrina Kaif Signs Of Her Hairdresser Free Movies Hindi

Katrina Kaif makes a cameo in his film for free hairdressing. Pomilia Hunter, who happens to be Kat's hair for some time, must produce a Hindi movie called 'Main Hoon Krishna. "

In recent interviews of Bollywood, said Pomili and other manufacturers Nandan Mahto that Katrina has appeared in our film and we are very happy with it. It will be seen in the second half of the film and we're glad she has given us a date to shoot with his work and no charge! "
You can also see his appearance soon invited Director Shirish upcoming movie starring customers called "Joker" Akshay Kumar and Hot Sonakshi Sinha.
(2) "Tere Bin Laden lead" actor Ali Zafar is a versatile artist as a painter of talent and all, while Katrina Kaif wants to capture on canvas.
Apparently, during the filming of Ki Dulhan simple brother, someone from the crew, he suggested a portrait of Katrina and Ali spontaneously accepted.


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