Madalsa Sharma has no Issues being side tracked by Nilesh – Sanjay Dutt’s Nephew!

In a rare turn Maddalsa Sharma turns his attention to the south of Tinsel Town. It would not be too much if we left them tag-South Siren turns so we can call the siren of the South? "I turned to the south simply because Abbas Mastan told me to do some films in the south. And I think I worked in the south learned some suggestions for action. This is one more feather in my acting." Drawing the difference in Tollywood and Bollywood, he says, "People out there are damn work, if they start the first shot 6a.m care they need for the first time. 'S Bollywood is not very precise. But I I love working with South bollywood.In do not know a foreign language at all, but I learned a few words here and there. But all in all we do at the end of the film and appreciated the work so it does not matter whether it is Bollywood or Tollywood . 'He gasps.

Maddalsa should be the mouse Abbas Mastan but things are not working as it should. She recently completed film two years ago, but when the script over and hay in the meantime, she got an opportunity to work with choreographer Ganesh Acharya became director she could not resist the offer. "Yes, I did a movie with the production duo Abbas Mastan, but somehow or other things have been delayed and in the meantime, I received a call from Ganeshji. I have to audition and chose. "

Speaking of nature, she adds ... "I liked the character I have to do everything in his gestures that I suffer Palas brain and thus act as a challenge to speak was that I had the pleasure of this wonderful character.

Well! As Nilesh Sahay is the nephew of Sanjay Dutt was not you feel the siding? "No, that's an advantage to have Sanjay Dutt's nephew, we'll have some additional benefits to the release of the film. I never felt side followed as I come from families belonging to the world of cinema, so I can understand very well that Nilesh Sahay proved to be an added advantage for us insofar as publicity is concerned. "

In addition, the family thought he could easily thin to avoid being thrown on the couch. 'Yes! I agree that casting couch exists the film industry. But since my mother belongs to this giant, which handles all my meetings and my experiment. I am lucky to be moving the protective wings of my mother. All My mother's functions is addressed. In addition, directors and producers are familiar to us more than I do not think anyone should be forced to say, "Mein tumhe role in the circulation de Hoon Toh Kya Mujhe Dogi Fortum." The girl is responsible for casting sofa victim in fact are the ones who can easily make progress on it. I think we need to know the limits and the success has been given to us, without any of those things. "recognizes Madalssa.

Last but not least, speaks of his love interest, she adds: "I'm not interested in getting into a relationship especially to get involved in a relationship of love is not important to me I can wait for Matchmaking today ... I am interested in my career and my name will certainly be on the map Bollywood, "she says.

Hmmm .... the new kid on the Bollywood horizon seems to have learned the lesson, simply because he was raised in the field of fog.


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