Deepika to shift base to London

Here's the bad news for die-hard fans Deepika Padukone. This sultry siren is ready to break the hearts of many and move to London. Work seems to take her away from her fans.

Deepika is currently working on three films and that's what led him to the colder climate of London. He beats the heat Rohit Dhawan's "Desi Boyz," Rajnikanth "frog and Homi Adjani untitled project of Saif Ali Khan.

The only relief is to make its appearance during the IPL season. While Deepika is going to be very busy for the next three months, she intends to return and its attachments are permitted.

Unfortunately, not here for the launch of "Dum Dum Maar", therefore, the item number is making waves.

As a junior Mallya decision, ask us!


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