Heal with Lara….. Her fitness mantra is out

The actress Lara Dutta has published her second fitness .

Lara has shown that, after entering Bollywood, he realized that just doing regular exercises and follow a strict diet is not enough to keep in shape in shape. More is needed.

"The pressure of work and constant pressure to keep the body in perfect condition, I realized that I needed something more than burning calories. I need something to restore fitness The rejuvenation of body and mind, that I found in yoga, she is quoted by a news agency.

Speaking of DVD, Lara said his goal is to make training fun instead of dragging phenomena often become much aptitude.

"The goal was to do some 'uptempo and fun. Developed a unique blend of strength and cardio intervals to give a fun but effective full body workout."

However, he admitted that also eat junk food.

"As a Punjabi, I like street food, especially cats, Pani-Puri, Papdi-dahi, you name it and I love it," said the actress, who recently married the star Mahesh Bhupathi Tennis


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