I Can Not Wait To Marry Saif

He may not have seen success with super professional, but Soha Ali Khan has definitely found love. After spending much time with her boyfriend Kunal Khemu, Soha feels it is a happy place and ready to sit down a couple of years.

"I have a nice room and we (Soha and Kunal) are satisfied with the descriptors of class, there is always the right time comes, we will leave our marriage," he said.

She says her wedding plan has nothing to do with his elder brother, Saif Ali Khan intends to marry Kareena Kapoor. "I have to wait for anyone because I do not. If it takes 10 years I never expected. I do not know how long it takes, you could get married tomorrow," he said. Saif said earlier that he will marry before Soha.

Professionally, things have taken a very interesting journey as well. It finally worked with her mother in "Life goes on." Facing the camera with his mother was not an easy task for her, and she was "nervous" during the shooting with Sharmila Tagore in the film.

"I remember my lines or anything, but I was nervous because it has an aesthetic sense," Soha said in an interview. "When good humor is amazing. But when a bad mood is like the worst thing ever. But it was very good and moderation during the shooting and suggested I carefully follow the instructions of the director Sangeeta Datta," he joked.


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