Ileana D'Cruz: Beloved Actress Of South India

Yes, it means the most expensive and the senses, love, and expensive. Ileana D'Cruz is back in Kollywood with Shankar Nanban. The actress certainly does not want to make its presence felt in his return to Kollywood. He started asking Rs. 2 crores compensation film bag the biggest salary ever asked South Indian actress. Shaken by the producers, Gemini Film Circuit, did not want to pay a record sum, but realized that if you were negotiating with him, he managed Ileana would give them the slip. Eventually, they decided to Rs. 1.5 crores, which is still the biggest bonus as an actress in South India. Ileana popularity has multiplied in Tollywood, as he has found Shakti opposite NTR Junior. Movie keeps track of the fact that the most expensive movie ever made Tollywood. The actress was able to exploit this popularity and demand as Tollywood, which led to his next project was signed and another 1.75 crores two crore and Bollywood.

His return Kollywood film is a remake of Hindi blockbuster 3 Idiots. Ileana reprise the role of Pia (originally played by Kareena Kapoor). Call it coincidence or quality of character that Kareena has recently announced that the most expensive actress in Bollywood after she was paid Rs 7 crores for her role in Golmaal third


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