Is Salman Sabotaging Kat’s career

While some of Katrina and those who have supported and Salman are friends, recent reports suggest otherwise. According to a tabloid Salman was not exactly happy with the way it links with Ranbir Kapoor.

It's a little hard to believe, but apparently he is sure that the career of soaring Kat is concerned. Apparently, he asked his relatives not to work with Katrina. Two examples are the "loan", where Salman Khan Zarin made a brief appearance when the role required an A-Lister and Cat could easily adapt Reports also say that he asked Kabir Khan that it would not work with Katrina in his films.

Now we all know the influence that Salman is in the field, but he will be vindictive? Of course, no one has completely forgotten how he got his digs in Bigg Boss. Some suggest, then, he has done much to help Katrina to find a foothold in the industry and, indeed, he owes much of her success to her.

Salman, but he knows the world is the one with the big heart and he would be there for his ex-girlfriend if she needs more of it.


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