Junior A B’s game-plan

Abhishek Bachchan plays a drug-Lord in the murder mystery 'Game', a genre that loves and admits he has not been explored yet. And I guess its inspiration: the master detective Sherlock Holmes!

Junior Bachchan will also cross the fingers of his production company on the other hand, Buddha-Höga Terra Baap. "It's actually the kind of" Game "the movie that attracted me -!. Murder mystery, the detective and I had not done so I was very intrigued and happy to do, "said Abhishek.

Lanky star 6'3''pitkä well, it was very wet when she sat down to share their thoughts upcoming film "Game", directed by ad filmmaker Abhinay Deo.

He said the "game" has given him many opportunities to exploit its potential. Abhishek to see the movie role of drug lord, on the web for the suspected murder of an island.

In explaining his thinking behind the choice of films, Abhishek said: "I've never sat down and said," Well I've done this decade, and in the next decade, I want to do that! "I think just follow your heart .. .. make movies that inspire you, not the movies that automatically takes the taste a. I think this is the best policy to have. J love the fact that you make a movie because you passionate and just want to see where this journey takes us. "

Abhishek, 35, has big plans for his career as a producer too. He sports a mischievous moment, like a schoolboy with a smile and a twinkle in his eye when I congratulate him on his success as a producer of "head", who was his father, megastar Amitabh Bachchan playing son of his victim is Progeria.

"Well, we started the calendar" Bbuddah Höga Terra-Baap "my second generation two weeks ago. The shooting should be completed by the end of next month. Of course, we hope good things too."

The actor is also looking forward to its other quality projects, and schedule of shooting for Abbas-Mustan for "Players", as he will visit Russia once "Game" and "Dum Dum Maaro" first hit the screens in April and April 22 respectively.

The star has not had an easy go since its inception in 2000, thanks to competition from other players and constantly comparing his skills as a parent. But he is willing to go and says her motto is "stuck" at what he does. "I still have not noticed, even in one of my movies, I can see and say -" Well, I did a good job, "said Abhishek!.

"It is very important for all stakeholders to continue learning and improving every day. You must continue to push the bar all day. If not, you start to become complacent. I hate the fact a movie and then say ... "Ah, yes! I did a great job, "because somewhere deep inside my head, I'll be lazy and complacent with my work and this will be the death of creativity," he said.

"It makes no sense to continue doing the same and then stagnate. I think it's important to maintain motivation. And as I said, I have a high level. I want to be working at a level that I think I still have not succeeded," he added .