Katrina Kaif Salman Trying To Woo Back

 when Katrina Kaif offered Bodyguard film starring Salman Khan, the actress dismissed the film, saying that they need each other, sometimes before you get back together.

Bodyguard, went on actress Asin on board planes. However, situations have changed in recent times. Reportedly, the actress Katrina Kaif Salman Khan wants to return, but not in real life, but certainly a life reel.

Katrina welcomes the next draft of Yash Raj Films, starring Salman Khan as a leader. Reportedly, Katrina was sending text messages with sister Alvira Agnihotri Salman asked him to recommend her name for the movie. Nonstop messages certainly irritated Khan Dynasty.

While Katrina Kaif has been a favorite of the season for YRF, but this time it's Salman Khan, it is important to them. Aditya Chopra Producer and director Kabir Khan Salman met several persuade him to the role. Therefore, is to call Salman Khan is now.


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