Knotty Task Of Katrina?

Their love story sweet hit "the bottom, literally, because the industry is full of rumors that Katrina Kaif to join the rock with your fingers. Ranbir and probably is not too keen on the idea.

Even the beautiful actress has denied the rumor, calling it "ugly", nobody really believes. An insider reportedly said that Katrina is more demanding than in his relationship with Deepika Ranbir. While Deepika requested commitment, Katrina is to pray for them to marry.

A patch-up between the two there are also excluded. At present, it would be more likely to say they had a big fight, instead they have ended their relationship.

If the sources are credible, Katrina could come back with Ranbir, who also loves. But it certainly is not thinking in terms of marriage with her at this time.

Well, the commitment has always been a problem with his ex when Ranbir Deepika in Bollywood is quite clear favorite "Koffee with Karan. Let's see what make this story


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