Mallika Baulks At Bikini 'Dhamaal', Demands Body Double!

While the Indian press lively with news about Mallika Sherawat to make the leap to Hollywood, beautiful Haryana has taken a step back and went all shy about donning a bikini for 'Dhamaal 2'.

Even if it did not set conditions, while signing the film, Mallika had cold feet after slipping into a figure with two pieces for the shoot. Malli apparently was adamant that the director Indra Kumar use a liner for all size shots and then merge it with photos of his body above the waist.

Kumar was forced to stop the calendar for a good 3:57 hours while he tried to convince Ms. Sherawat giving plans. After the siren sensual refused to move, he had no choice but to hunt for a double hull, causing a delay of almost a week!

Asked by a tabloid, Indra Kumar has refused to confirm the story and says: "... I am what I wanted You see Mallika in a bathing suit from head to toe, I'm not complaining "


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