Offer Salman Surprises Manjrekar With "Bodyguard"

Salman Khan is known to ask people close to him do the strangest of strange things on time. It is therefore not surprising to know that Mahesh Manjrekar recently phoned with an offer that the director-actor could not refuse.

"You're in" bodyguards, "said Manjrekar, who has been fighting to get Salman to listen to your script for a movie that was meant to direct the star in the head a year.

Manjrekar has joined the team of "Bodyguard" April 3.

The funniest part of the film offer Salman is that Manjrekar has a clue what he liked to play.

"He did not tell me what I play" Bodyguard. "He just asked me to join the group. I do not mind. I would never ask him about my role because I know he asked me a good position in mind. I think Salman I wish for an actor. He continues to offer me roles in films. I do not get the opportunity to directly to him at all, "said Manjrekar who has directed films like" Vaastav "and" Astitva ".

Since then, the main villain appeared Manjrekar "Wanted", Salman considers his lucky mascot Manjrekar. Furthermore, "Dabangg", he played the father Sonakshi Sinha.

Anees Bazmi to "loan" Manjrekar also did not say what his role was on the scene in Colombo.

"When I got there I realized I had a positive role in" Ready. "Thank God he did not play a rake. It was difficult for my 17 year old son to explain to his friends why his father always play with shady characters. Hopefully that in "Bodyguard" I'm going to have a positive role, "said Manjrekar.


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