Renee Zellweger moves out of Cooper`s home

Renee Zellweger, who ended her relationship with Bradley Cooper, last week, has been moved out of the star "hangover", "is at home.

41-year-old "Bridget Jones" star stopped by his place to collect her things, told the Journal.

Zellweger, who 's who lived in Pacific Palisades, California home in recent months, spent about an hour from home to collect her things. "Boundless" actress, 36, was not "at home t

at the time.

But didn `t seem to move disrupt the Winner of an Oscar at all.

"It seems to be reading breaking very well. He had a big smile on his face and spends his time!" The source said.

Zellweger has recently undertaken with Sandra Bullock in his post, and Split. "His friend was hurt is over, but the son of Renée. He tried to do the job, but in the end it was too difficult,"

the source added.

Previously, it was reported that Cooper `s career came in the way of their relationship two years.


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