Saif Wants To Create Dhoom Agent Vinod

If Yash Raj Dhoom franchise has become a sure fire way to success at the box office, then the wish Saif Ali Khan to be a model for his next film is the same formula.

domestic production Saif Ali Khan - AGENT Vinod has been underway for some time now. After some re-recording some Eventually, Saif hope that, given that his films are motorcycle stunts, fast cars and adrenaline roaring chase his films can also mount a fan following Dhoom done.

Although there have been several reports that Saif and his director Sriram Raghavan has screamed and yelled at each other on the creative differences in the past, the fact that the officer Vinod promises, as the plan is a relief, Finally, at a time. And now, Saif is so confident in his product that he intends to acquire the brand and Dhoom.

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The actor said, "The way we have included stunts and action in our films, Vinod AGENT I will have an answer in Dhoom. Although, Dhoom is a very successful franchise, we hope to repeat the feat with our film. "

Saif and Kareena arrive AGENT Vinod second trip together. Their previous film Kurbaan, although fascinating, does not attract the public and Saif are placing all their hope to Vinod AGENT hit a couple Kareena at this time.


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