Scoop: Ajay Krrish 2 Devgn That Bad?

HISTORY: Rakesh Roshan and Ajay have wanted to work together for some time. The director had approached for Ajay Karan Arjun, but that did not work.

THE ROLE: An insider reveals that the proposed role Devgn is "an ultra cool persona elegant gray-scale smart, nervous, witty, something clever and evil as the character of Joker in Batman series and is "in full contrast to what he has done before."

Will he? Do you? Roshan Jr (Hrithik) wants to be the superhero sequel Ajay board. "AJ has serious," says our source.

Apparently, Ajay is very eager to work with Rakesh and feel it is one of the best commercial directors in the day. "This is a fantastic role in films like this series and Dhoom, get the most buzz roles gray and interest that the role of hero. A few details are being prepared. "

THE TWIST: Rakesh Roshan, Salman Khan met in Bangkok last month when the actor was taken to Ready. That said, the casting for the negative role in Krrish 2 may be still in the air.


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