Sonakshi: Salman Is A Man Of The Masses And The Class Of Persons

No one can escape being caught with one Sonakshi Sinha bhai style. The last fan of his unique style is its DABANGG co-star, Sonakshi Sinha.

Although Bollywood hottie DABANGG after super success in life moved and work with the best parts that Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan, who has a great personality and it is not less than Salman. Sonakshi but can not get over Salman and finds the most stylish man of Bollywood.

Said the pretty lady, "Salman is the man of the masses and class people follow everything he does, if a bracelet or if the style of sunglasses bearing in DABANGG."

Sonakshi, who was a fashion designer before entering films, also stars your favorite style of Salman Khan.

"I Salman style. For my part, Salman style photo shoots last year," Sonakshi reveals the secret he had kept secret for so long.


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