What makes a GR8! Women Award winner

We are about to celebrate the power of women (and beauty and strength) in style with the gr8! Prices of women! The prestigious awards show made its debut in the Middle East in Dubai on 15 April, and we can be sure of meeting the most incredible group of successful women there.

Anu and Shashi Ranjan of the Indian Television Academy (ITA), an award audit for more than ten years ago, to celebrate the strength of a woman. And I'm in a unique way that will honor women who have a peak of success in your chosen field. From film and fashion and education, computer science, literature, and many many more, additional compensation GR8! Women Awards have always recognized the very best. Here we look at some of the winners of the past and have the honor to celebrate the achievements of.
Aishwarya Rai

The talented and beautiful star won gr8! Honor roll for film, social services and global recognition in 2010. And guess who dedicated the award to Ash? Her mother Vrinda! The star has her mother on stage and described it as the true superwoman and inspiration to excel in everything she does. Ash also said. "I'm not a raging feminist but a humanist, that is how I was raised And people like us when we have a chance, we do our part for the empowerment of women. "

Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen walked away with gr8! Special Award for supporting a girl in 2010. The former Miss Universe is a single mother of her daughters, Renee and Alisah, both adopted. Sush was thrilled to be honored in particular to take care of her children, she is his life.

Asha Bhosle                                   

The legendary singer is a woman to be admired. She even made her acting debut at age 77! It was this spirit which has been honored with a GR8! Price. "I have received countless awards for my music on all platforms - but that price is the most special to me because it recognizes and honors the woman in me!

Raveena Tandon                             

Raveena Tandon was awarded a Special Mention for the adoption and care of two young girls on gr8! Prices of women, the 2011th She adopted her nieces Pooja and Chhaya in the early 90s to give a better life for themselves and were looking for girls.

Rani Mukerji

Rani Mukherji has made waves with his performance on the track of bravery in "No One killed Jessica" and her incredible talent has always shone through in the film. From its beginnings in "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" to "Black" to "Saathiya "Rani sensitive performances have always been distinguished. And it is this style that has been recognized on gr8! Prices of women in 2011, took place in India. Rani won the award for best actress in this decade, and her radiant smile revealed how much it meant to her honor.

Ali Farah Khan

creations of jewelry designer Farah Ali Khan speak for themselves! She creates magic has enchanted jewelry and high-level clients (including many female heads B'wood!) For a long time now. actor Sanjay Khan's daughter found his place in the scene, and the GR8! Awards recognized women. Farah won the GR8 Jewelry Design! Prices of women 2011.

Nita Ambani

It's easy to find shade when you're the wife of one of the richest men in the world, but through their own achievements Nita Ambani has made his own special place and improved the lives of so many people around her. Passionate and more active in charity work and education. He was part of the Dhirubhai Ambani International School since it began in 2003 and is also involved with the Dhirubhai Ambani Foundation. For these outstanding contributions, Nita Ambani was conferred the GR8! Scroll of Honor Award in 2008.

Maharani Gayatri Devi

Famous for its classic style and beauty, Maharani Gayatri Devi, Rajmata of Jaipur, was an icon of Indian royalty and wealth. Considered one of the 10 most beautiful women in the world by Vogue magazine, she has always been a symbol of timeless style. His amazing grace has been recognized with a GR8! Golden Laurel Award in 2008. The Maharani died in 2009.

Vandana Luthra

The founder and mentor of VLCC Group, Vandana Luthra embodies the strong entrepreneurial spirit that has its roots in women. VLCC is a leading brand of slimming, beauty and fitness, and everything is due to the vision of Vandana. His brand has branches across India and the UAE as well, and the lady behind her was awarded the GR8! Health & Beauty Award in 2011.

Rina Dhaka

fashion designer par excellence, sensitivity Rina 's sophisticated style make it an integral part of the seam in the world. It is known for his groundbreaking work that is unique and varied options offered. Attractive to the serious - his creations are suited for every mood of a woman. Rina has been awarded the GR8! Male Fashion Design Award in 2011 for the same talent.


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