Who is Aamir’s Guru

It is a force to reckon with in Bollywood, and some people call it an institution in itself, but this time Aamir Khan Hrithik Roshan wants to give some advice to act.

Surprising as it may sound, Aamir has found a new guru. Blame it on his passion for perfection, he moved heaven and earth to get his act right. He was recently spotted at the launch of the new store Sussanne Roshan and when asked about his preparations for 'Dhoom 3'. It would have once said he wanted to take tips from Hrithik when he was a great actor.

For those wanting, Aamir will take over as the villain in 'Dhoom 3', Hrithik made his own "Dhoom 2". Then of course there is no better than Roshan boy to train him in the perfect act bad boy (although a lip lock is missing from it). Well, knowing AK all confident that there will be a little theater on the big screen, we wonder how it will compete with looks of Hrithik Greek god good. He can not match that, can he?


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