Big B Hits The Streets Of Mumbai With Lights To Celebrate The Victory Of India

Amitabh Bachchan feels that if you watch a cricket match, India will lose. But not only he was sitting watching TV to see India and Sri Lanka World Cup final on Saturday, also hit the open road car to celebrate with others when the team won the house.

"We are superstitious watching the match coz 'we lose ... but after 33 second (sic) do not know why, sitting in front of the TV up to six (MS) Dhoni," he tweeted that India after the six-wicket victory Wankhede Stadium.

"Diya Ghuma Ghuma ke ke, ke Ghuma!, He writes, very excited.

68 years, said he had not seen previously in the euphoria after the victory of Indian cities.

"Nobody says anything ... just scream! Is rare! Crowded roads everywhere and screams! Never!

"Anhonee hoon kar de ko ko anhonee Joni! Tinoh Ek jagah jab jama love - Rajni, Gajner aur Dhoni '! To twitter.

Megastar excitement was evident by the fact that he was simultaneoulsy updated her Twitter page and blog.

"We won! We are the champions of the world! Yeeeehhhhh!" He posted on his blog.

Amitabh has also joined the jubilant crowd with Sun Abhishek and daughter-Aishwarya Rai.

"There is no fool! Abhishek, Aishwarya and me on the roof of a car, waving lights and screams! Hundreds of us. "

"We are the world! Back ... Just sits atop the roof and waving the flag and scream!"


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