Bipasha Reloaded

Bipasha Basu of Bollywood has taken ten years and played many different roles, but his international future "Singularity" project, he says, gave him a new perspective to the job.

"Singularity" was a fantastic experience because I was in the film industry since a long time now. But this movie gave me a whole new direction as "the 32-year-old revealed.

"It 'just told me about a new kind of acting, a new type of film, which is a great artist," he added.

Bipasha stars as a Maratha warrior in the period film is directed by Oscar-nominated director Roland Joffe. It also stars Josh Hartnett Hollywood hottie.

"My role is that the Maratha warrior, and behind the film is an Anglo-Maratha war in colonial India in the 18th century. It 's basically a love story between a British soldier and that he called Maratha queen" revealed.

Bipasha says, "Singularity," came to him quite easily.

"Every actress would be working hand in Joffe and I did it so easily. I kind of ran into him and he liked the sound of my voice, and throw in a starring role," said Bipasha.

"I was in Los Angeles and I just happened to say hello to him because one of my friends did, and I was there for a meeting. So for me this role just fell into my lap, "added she says.

Bipasha has always been known for a perfect body. Also because of his fitness level, she was waiting to play the roles of action and his dream became reality with the "singularity" and "actors" of another upcoming film.

"Yes, I could not wait for action roles and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to do even two of my films. I guess so," said ex-model.

Bipasha will be seen in many highly anticipated films in years. Then she would call 2011 a very exciting year for her?

"Every year has been very exciting for me. 'Was a bit' Re-Invention that I am an artist every time, because the business is very difficult," he said.

"There are a number of fears. If the screen presence of women players is longer, people tend to be difficult for you, but luckily with my people were very grateful," he added.

"Every year I project myself and reinvent myself as an artist. Do not let any length influence on me as an artist, I think it's exciting for me," he said.

With the "singularity" and "actors" Bipasha will be seen in "Dum Dum Maaro" which will be his first release in years.


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