Ranbir Narrow Escape

Ranbir Kapoor is a happy man - he recently escaped what could have been a very serious accident on the set of "Rock Star" Imtiaz Ali. Here's what happened while the team shot a scene in the snow at Pahalgam.

It was just an ordinary scene, did the trick, which was shot with Ranbir driving a snowmobile on a snow-covered road. Suddenly, because of the difficult conditions, RK Jr snowmobile crashed into a barrier on the road.

It 'obvious that the unit was devastated by an accident. Fortunately, the barrier does not break and Ranbir was safe. He really is not bad, just shocked.

Apparently, "said Imtiaz Ali to cease fire for the day, but Ranbir has decided to go ahead with the scene he had to return to Mumbai for another shoot.


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