Adopt A Dog, Urges Bollywood Star Imran Khan

Bollywood actor Imran Khan, who is getting rave reviews from the trailer of his next film "Delhi Belly", urged people to follow his example and adopt dogs instead of buying them through a new ad for the people of animal organization Protection for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). spot 28 years and gave the dog, who died recently. Message, the ad reads: "... Tony has changed my life you can change the dog's life please accept the Homeless" Ace Shot captured the photographer Avinash Gowariker.

"The fact is that dogs and cats and all kinds of animals roam the streets Very often, people buy dogs, buy the cats. - She sees them as toys or fashion accessories are bored with them and shooting them ... out of the house is a terrible thing to do .. "said Imran has exclusive video of PETA.

Imran, who debuted with "Tu ... Ya Jaan Na Jaan" in 2008, adopted his dog from his friend Tony found him wandering the streets. Imran has filed a complaint with the police and learned that Tony had the person lived with him had put at the door of the house.

"Ultimately, it depends on how much you care. I worry a lot about animals. If I see a wounded animal, sick animals and essentially an animal, I could help somehow, I do that," added the actor, which hopes to open her own animal shelter one day.

According to PETA, some 25 million homeless dogs struggling to survive on the streets of India.


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