Angela Johnson Is Dating Ranbir And Shahid!

Although she is best known for being the arm candy Ranbir Kapoor by recent events, Angela Jonsson is also a calendar girl. Casanova actor linking its freshly made headlines and also Shahid too her.The thermal model has been caught in a controversy after another when she becomes attached to the top Bollywood actors male.

Angela was surprised to be in the spotlight with stories of her being a gold digger making the rounds.

Although she is dating Ranbir has participated in political parties and went with him publicly, Angela Shahid did not interact at all it is, I met a couple of times at the party, which included his Ranbir.

A source included what Angela was embarrassed when the stories of their encounters Ranbir began leaking in the media and was assigned to it. "Angela has little knowledge of B-town so it was a surprise for her when there were reports that it was the spread of these stories."

About Shahid, Angela said. "I met socially and Shahid have not talked much with him at all that I met him on the anniversary of Anushka Sharma, Ranbir took me to the side and back home so I can Ranbir not have his phone number. and have never texted. "

A source close to Shahid said: "Angela Shahid met socially a few times for his birthday party at home and Ranbir Anushka part when Angela came with Ranbir. They never talked or met beyond. There is nothing more to it. In fact, Shahid very disturbed to hear stories linking him and Angela. "


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