Anushka Sharma Throws Starry Tantrums On The Set Of A Film

Anushka Sharma is an actress who is currently "in great demand." Now that the actress is very conscious of his fame, we understand that it also has a queen angry.

It was reported that the behavior of a series of Anushka Good vs Ricky Bahl is that some big star. In the film, has combined her boyfriend opp Ranveer Singh.

Well, if buzz is to believe, Anushka asks his assistant, who is his size, standing in place of his director of photography is the introduction of light. In general, the actresses have to face the harsh light in order to be beautiful in the camera for the film. And since much depends on the light and how it falls on the face, actresses take the exam before shooting begins. Even beauties like Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor can not close.

But Anushka says the insider, it sends an assistant to stand in the light. His co-stars laugh at their ignorant. Or maybe the girl is extra protection in your skin!


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