AR Rahman Meets Bollywood In Canada And The Italian Singer

N Patcy Mumbai

Italian-Canadian singer Natalie Di Luccio caught the eyes of India where she posted a video of his song Jaan Na Tu Ajab Prem Ki Kahani Gajaba YouTube. He got more than a million hits in one day.

After 21 years of age, attracted the attention of AR Rahman, when he recorded his interpretation of Kahin Toh Woh Hogia of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, ARR composition on YouTube again.

Now it has toured the Oscar-winning composer suite, and is next seen running in Bengaluru May 29.

Natalie speaks her Patcy N fascinated by the songs of Bollywood and her big break.

How have you singing in?

I sang all my life, I was singing since I was about six years. They are trained in Western classical. By the time I was 18, I decided to go to college to study opera. After that it was hard, because now I wanted to be a mainstream artist and not necessarily an opera singer. I've been getting a lot of opportunities for singing, but I could not take it because I was in school.


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