Asin Bikini Dilemma Continues

Is the return of good times for the actress Asin. After a hiatus, its time suddenly seems hyperactive. Now, facing READY Salman ready to roll, the actress is also preparing to shoot Sajid Khan Housefull two soon.

But in the midst of this frenzy, Asin will be a little dilemmas. According to our sources, one of the greatest confusion Asin now in its action in a bikini actress Housefull 2 ​​and the poor can not decide yet Our sources add, "Asin dilemma is based on its previous position, when he had not made films Bollywood. Over the years, Asin has cultivated an image of being faithful to its traditions, but it seems his brush with Bollywood has shaken its foundations. Now, Asin knows that to survive in Bollywood, she must have a ratio too hot to wear a bikini and perhaps the introduction step in that direction. "

Asin question now is how to make that jump. While all reports and forecasts suggest that Asin would strip up to 2 FULL HOUSE, but the actress seems to be still pending. The confusion appears to have only a complicated day. Well, I hope that this act in two pieces is just one step away from Asin