Double Dhamaal

The expectations are kept in check to the music played in double dhamaal. The reason is that the first of the franchise, dhamaal not have enough Chartbuster tracks have only the title of the song and to some extent "Miss India" show a certain visibility for itself. While Indra Kumar was once known songs in his films as Chartbuster Dil, Beta, Raja, Ishq, Mann, Masti, and down with Mohan Pyaar dhamaal. Now, we look forward to what a composer and lyricist has to offer for Double dhamaal dhamaal here open enough with the "Chal Kudi" Mika Singh, beginning with some of rap before Anand Raaj Anand takes short steps with your brand Punjabi rendition. Work? Absolutely. Although some might argue that the sounds "Chal Kudi" as a Punjabi pop up not the movie, the truth is this fact well enough to write that "double dhamaal 'belongs.

There are more interrupted rap song, which made for a number of fusion spicy (sometimes in a new version "remix") which should be quite eye catching as well, courtesy a video clip that was shot for him.

Widely publicized "Oye Oye" comes next and immediate attention is that the song has remained to be popular, despite the past few decades, when it became the biggest busts of the charter when he was released. Surprisingly , although the song only covers the basic sound of "Oye Oye" and proves to be a completely different way. You're a little surprised when there were more expectations from not only the number Tridev hook "Oye Oye". However, having listened so well that it is "the remix version for 3-4 times, it starts to move and manages to create its own identity. So much for being assigned to Sunidhi Chauhan, bringing in semen right to work and dance number to help him stand on their own.

Next to come is "jalebi Bai 'highly publicized as the number with Mallika Sherawat. Now is really the kind of numbers that are made to amuse the gallery. But surprisingly, it is not quite go all the way and proves to be just another number, it may have been made for a minor daughter. When it comes to Mallika has expectations of something truly great. In comparison, even very own singer Ritu Pathak Razia "(thank you ) was much better about something else that the song did not turn out to be the buster table, he deserved to be. Now with "jalebi Bai" not quite manage to sound interesting despite the repeated hearing, his fate depends entirely on how it was picturized.

Is the lyricist Mayur Puri Maro Customer Chill, "which was sung by Mika. A relaxed track is in line with the words" out of action "are spreading rather than worry too much about the tensions in life sounds "Chill Maro," as a number Pritam. That said, should be given Anand Raaj Anand make it sound like a contemporary number. The corresponding number also appears in 'remix version' a, 'Chill Maro has a limited life the length of the movie After trying his luck with Anu Malik (Mohan Pyaar) and Adnan Sami (dhamaal) Indra Kumar is back to its composer Anand Raaj double dhamaal Masti. The results are better, but with "Chal Kudi" and "Oye Oye" is proving to be catchy numbers. But only feels the need for an oversized Chartbuster that could make a big difference in the fate of the album


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