Edgy, Quirky Music For Anurag Kashyap's "Shaitan"

Like its promos, the music from the upcoming film "Satan" too nervous, weird and completely outside the realm of a typical business of Bollywood. The album has been put in place by four composers and a music group with a wide range of singers behind the microphone.

The soundtrack to the film about a group of five has 14 items.

The album kickstarts with a short instrumental called "Enter", composed by Prashant Pillai.

Then comes the "Bali audio Shaitan," which toured the canals for a while.

It consists of Pillai, the most incomprehensible singing voice with the exception of a few lines here and there, but the music is sharp and capture the attention of the listener immediately, because it is a strange character.

E 'humming KS Krishnan, Preeti Pillai, Kalloist, Farhad Bhiwandiwalla Modak and Hitesh.

Then there's "Nasha" churned out by Pillai again. The song was inspired by the bond of friendship. This is a moderate pace, but the orchestration is quite strong. A lot of experiments have been seen in this soundtrack, which is the song the composer himself with Bindu Nambiar.

The song also has a version of rock and soul where Pillai was replaced by Ranjit Barot and Farhad Bhiwandiwalla voice.

"Josh," composed and sung by Amar Mohill Colin Terence, Abhishek and Shradha begins with rap in English, then proceed to words in Hindi. The song is from the outset and used majorly modern saxophone in the mix.

Then there's "Fareeda, slowly, the track flows freely just a rock. vocal music is excellent and very engaging, especially the guitar leads towards the end. This is the voice of Suraj Jagan and consists of Pillai.

The next version has been created "HAWAI Hawa", a film of the 1987 song "Mr. India". The original was composed by Laxmikant-Pyarelal and sung by Kavita Krishnamurthy.

For the "Satan" has been recreated by Mikey McCleary and was sung in a more contemporary style of Suman Sridhar. This version is slower in pace compared to the original.

"O Yaara" with Pillai as a composer and singers like new and Kirti Sagathia Preeti Pillai, begins with a prelude Shehnai. The track has a touch qawalli with other influences added. It is a bit near the town of Bollywood as we know it. A beautiful song of love and longing.

Then comes "Pintia" a song with influences of folk Maharashtra, composed by Ranjit Barot. Voting by Chandan Shive. The track is very powerful and fast. Later, the influences on contemporary culture of the song.

"Zindagi" is a soft, slow title track with a little 'early music. After a few seconds the song, the music swells. E 'sung by Barot and wrote out for him. It 'an awesome experience, and irritable, and the pace of change makes it interesting.

Then, the album has three instrumental tracks, while "Amy's Theme" composed by Barot a "retro pop crap is churned out by Anupam Roy" and "Outro" by Pillai.

Finally, the album offers an English heavy metal track "Unleashed" by the band Bhayak Maut.

Overall, the album is very different from a typical album of Bollywood, and who could work in his favor.


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