Emraan Hashmi Undecided MURDER 2

Emraan Hashmi was faced with a dilemma. Although virtually every film boasted Chartbuster music, has had enough of it when it comes to promotional videos. The reason is that in the case led Mohit Suri, who plays a serial murderer in Murder 2. Not surprisingly, thought it was a little out of place for him to start singing and dancing to a song and also for promotional purposes.

"Call it a personal preference but I think these videos is called an article to be disconnected from the rest of the movie. Maybe we should have some of these pieces, and interspersed with the actual plans of the movie. That still makes sense" Emraan says it has already expressed his fears to her producer Mukesh Bhatt and uncle.

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It may be difficult for him to convince the decision makers themselves. After all s Bhatt have struck gold when Emraan has made music videos for them, as was the case with films like Jannat, Kalyug, Raaz - The mystery continues and much more.

"I know, but there is a saturation of these numbers as well," says Emraan, "So I really think all these songs that I have worked clips anyway. You do not always start dancing and lip- timing of any justification. "

Tell him that the dictates of the market may force him to exercise his dancing shoes again and he says he gave up a tone: "Let's see how it goes. I agree, sometimes these things are in the need for the music business, so you have to understand their point of view. "

Recently, Emraan has resisted making a music video for his last two films DIL HAI TOH JI berries and a fraud. It is now to be seen whether the two murders he has withdrawn and asked to bow to pressure or not.


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