Farah Gave Him The Error Of

Farah Khan has finally admitted its mistake. The choreographer turned filmmaker is blamed for the bad results of his latest film TEES MAAR KHAN.

Note that the t Maar Khan (TMK) did not live to its reputation and Farah finally agreed that the hearings were due to the strike of the film.

According to reliable sources ", Farah Khan has admitted that a flop show TMK was his time. Director does not hesitate to accept the fact that the public expects more than what he gave his last film. Farah Khan admits to having learned the lesson (though expensive), and made all repairs due to be carried out in his next film. "

Farah, who also was gung ho to play the actress in the film by Bela Sehgal. Adds our source, "It seems that 24 hours is not enough to Farah. This is a package lot in those hours. After two television series in his next film, and now his debut as an actor, is beaten in everything Farah making. It is expected that filming Bela Sehgal Boman Irani face and then attend a workshop to capture the nuances of his character right. "


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