First Look: Hrithik Katrina New Hottest Couple In Town

They're all together to create a network of sizzle. Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif are becoming the hottest new city pairs. Katrina and Akshay Kumar has sizzled with a series of successes has found a new favorite. After recording together in Zindagi Na Dobara Milega, Katrina and Hrithik recommend each other as many filmmakers as possible.

According to one source, "felt two Katrina and Hrithik their onscreen chemistry is incredible. They were also very impressed by the professionalism of the other during the filming of Zindagi ... so that the unit referred Hrithik as Katrina and the male Hurricane Katrina as "women of Hrithik." Both are married to excellence is. "

Oh, and Katrina has another ace up his sleeve. Hrithik children love.

"So, all in the family, you see," said the source. Hrithik was very keen that the third Katrina Krissh But she had committed all his dates Yashraj. Next year, she promised to keep the time at least two films with Hrithik.

Zindagi not know about. But Phir yeh jodi Milega Dobara.


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