Giselle Monteiro Blue Film Scandal

During the shooting of Kabhi Kabhi Still new Bollywood actress Giselle Monteiro has sent his hot pictures to his Facebook and Twitter fans, and later an application log that all these photos were taken from his private blue film where Giselle Monteiro was sold as a local superstar!

There is no doubt that Giselle Monteiro is one of the most beautiful actresses who entered in this year's competition. Giselle Monteiro is very interesting and beautiful image, and certainly not ashamed of her hot body curves!

Giselle Monteiro essentially belongs to a village deep and toward the rear, near New Delhi, and his family was treated as equal to his brothers that the reason she is fat than boys, and always ready to do everything that she wants to do. Giselle Monteiro modeling skills are not as hot, and then finally with the public fashion shows.

Giselle Montero said she does not like what people or the media dissemination of false news about her because she is not involved in a scandal MMS or private casting film on the other side of bad news gives great popularity in the entertainment industry.


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