Have Much To Learn The Art Of Milking

Under a green initiative is associated, Priyanka Chopra visited Manawa, a remote village in Rajasthan.She wanted to follow the distribution of solar lanterns in villages without access to electricity.

In addition, the measurement of progress, has also interact with the villagers, and spent the day, have a life. Here are some excerpts from the chat after their return ..

How was the experience of living in a village?

It was a very rewarding experience. We seem to be comfortable in our own lives that we forget that so many problems our country faces .... No light, no electricity, water shortages, etc. It is amazing that despite having to deal with all this, they were so warm and welcoming. It was a great experience to talk with children, women in different households, the sarpanch, etc and get a perspective on their lives

We have heard that buffalo milk. How are you doing?

Yes, I tried my hand on it long ago. It was not easy as the villagers made it seem. I was very worried about damaging the buffalo. I managed to pick up a bit 'of milk, but it was not proportionate to the effort and time! I have a lot to learn the art of milking buffalo!

Share with us some eye-opening experience that will last forever ...

One of the most poignant memories was standing in the village in darkness and realize that it was their daily lives. If not for solar lamps, which have received Greenathon people have no lights at all. I have seen first hand how a flashlight has improved their lives in many ways. From design to deliver a baby, now might make it easier and not have to deal with the smoke and heat generated by the kerosene lamps they used before. I am pleased that the solar lanterns have been able to make a significant difference in their lives.

When you plan to visit the villages again?

Chart for the team and I plan to visit more of this kind in the villages over the years, and I'm looking forward to it.

Have you talked to other famous friends to join the initiative?

I did last year and was immediately overwhelmed by the support and generosity of the promises that each of them has done something. I'm going to hand them this year, the third edition of Greenathon NDTV, which takes place June 4 and 5


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