Horror Scores More Romantic Box-office

This week the public queued for a horror film by Vikram Bhatt 3D Haunted behind the buzz and collected Rs.9.32 crores in opening weekend, while the university romance Luv Ka The end failed at the box office.

Made with a budget of Rs.8.50 crore, Haunted does not boast of big names - Mahakshay stars Tia Chakraborty and Bajpai.

"Haunted is a good opening, as it is a horror film shot in 3D. The novelty factor works for the movie," Yogesh Raizada, Head of Business (Cinema) Wave Cinemas said.

"There are some scenes from the movie that can really scare people. Audiences have appreciated the content of the film," said Girish Wankhede, Cinemax, Mumbai.

However, the film-Y, Yash Raj Films arm of the first publication Luv Ka End starring Shakti Kapoor's daughter Shraddha Kapoor and newcomer Tahaa Shah opened and 15-20 percent of employment.

Directed by rugged film price is Rs.9 crore, which includes the cost of marketing and production. It has earned Rs.2.35 crores net box office over the weekend.

Luv Ka The end follows the story of Rhea (Shraddha), the last girl next door, who is in love with the most popular boy at school Luv (Tahaa). But Rhea accidentally finds Luv multiple relationships and decide to give a lesson.

"Although the film is aimed at young people, has managed to attract the target audience. The lack of movie appeal," said a source from PVR.

Ashish Patel, director of the Y-Films, says it is an experimental film, and do not expect a big hole.

"In line with our expectations. Invented a new genre here and given the nature of the film, the very specific audience, speaks and has a cast and crew of newcomers all, we expect not very open," Patil said in a statement.

"We had a fairly limited release just to test the waters - and the numbers are, again, in line with our expectations for the first weekend," he added


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