Imran Khan Monica Dogra And Remove Their Jeans!

The cute commercial was shot on the set of a Mumbai studio for a day.

In the ad, see Khan empty laundry and puts his jeans in a washing machine. He sits in his underpants to read a book.

While he waits, he can not see Monica sitting in the corner, waiting for her to wash them.

But she notices him. She decides to have some fun. She walks past the actor heads to a vending machine, showing a leaf.

And all this time, not Imran did not even look up the book he reads.

Only when you get up to take your machine jeans do not realize that Monica does not wear pants, either.

Here Lookin '...

What we would ask Imran: Who wears the pants in his house? Who washes? A woman Avantika seen the ad?

What we would like ASK MONICA: He is, like ogling guys in the laundry? If you expect to find him a soul mate out there?


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