Imran Khan Wants Katrina Kaif In No Party "Delhi Belly"

Imran Khan plays the lead role in "Delhi Belly", and also appears in the song just released single "Bhag DK Bose," but the item number is added to the comedy for adults who wants Katrina Kaif. The video, released Wednesday, also Vir Das and Kunal Roy Kapoor, who play an important role in the film, directed by well-known ad filmmaker Abhinay Deo and produced by Imran Khan, Aamir uncle.

After development, Aamir has decided to increase the item number in the film, but has not decided who is picturized.

When reporters asked Imran, who would be his choice, he immediately replied: ". My vote is for Katrina Kaif Aamir Mamu I said he should consider her for the part number. "

What is so special about Katrina? Imran smiled. "For his Jawani"

Imran has made clear that "Bose DK Bhag" is not to get on Ranbir Kapoor, whose "Rockstar" would be sent immediately after the "Delhi Belly", published on 1 July.

"There was an article today (Tuesday), saying he wanted to play wins" Rockstar ", but really is not. The song was designed to be so, so we made this video," he said.

The song was the result of the film a real writer Akshat Verma Amitabh Bhattacharya, and then the Ram Sampath has written and composed and sang a song, "said Imran.

"This is a theme in our films. I think he is the anthem, there would be several times in the film," said the actor, who plays a journalist in the film.

"I play a journalist in the film. Kunal plays a photographer and two of us working together. Vir plays a cartoonist. Sometimes stuck in situations because of our jobs," he said.


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