Imran Loves Curvy Women

At least there is someone among cultures young players who are not affected by the size zero figures. Imran Khan, riding the wave of popularity with the euphoria high Delhi Belly, for the first time spoke of the woman he admires.

According to the actor, "Most women do not know how to flatter their bodies. Choose the right person is a must when jeans. I'm not a big fan of the size zero figures. I like the curves of a woman whom he flatters his body.It really worth mentioning that Imran has recently started his own clothing line, and the actor tries to spread his idea of ​​style through his fashion business to discuss, Khan adds. " This new line has my personal touch. That's me in every sense, is relaxed and comfortable. I think fashion is about your personality. "

Imran is currently being kicked around for the answer, that his next film to receive the public and especially his songs Bhaag DK Bose, which is rapidly becoming a new national anthem.


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