Kunal Kohli Is A Girl

Kunal Kohli is on cloud nine these days. Yes, he is ready to begin his new film with Shahid and Priyanka, but there's more.

Their bundle of joy, daughter of seven months - Radha. Raveena Kunal and his wife recently adopted a child and the process may have been a bit long but worth it. "In fact, it is a good thing that takes time. It should be easy because people can abuse it," says Kunal. "The organization is in the background, values, etc, because they want the child in a safe and happy," he added.

Kunal and Raveena, who is also part of the entertainment world, has been married for 12 years. "We intend to adopt for some time now. Finally, it happened. Raveena took maternity leave to work. The whole family is happy, my parents, friends ... everyone. My daughter has led to a family reunion. My sister flew in specially from the United States to help us deal with Raveena brother also came down to join us. It feels so good, "said Kunal, who soon becomes busy with his films.

Then a little Radha (his name has been chosen by more dear dad) to do a regular on the series? "Obviously!" he smiles.


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