Mahi Gill Shoots Himself

who plays Maria Susairaj - Kannada actress, who is in jail on charges of assistance with her boyfriend and a former naval officer Jerome Mathew and the murder of TV executive - just got a new skill. Operator whose performance Anurag Kashyap's Dev D, won rave reviews, playing Susairaj and Ram Gopal Varma's Not Luv Story. Gill is not only the movie plays as well as some of its episodes.

Gill has been made to keep the camera as it passes through the apartment in the film, where the murder took place. Varma is to shoot the film in the same building in Malad where Susairaj lived. Although Susairaj lived in apartment No. 201 on the second floor, the film was shot in 1501 the apartment No. 15, ground.

Varma made Gill hold the camera and the film itself as it wanted the public to approach the character as possible. No actor in a film has never had the camera and shot himself. Gill is, as expected, traumatized. "It's strange. I really feel like I'm reliving the murder crime scene. The killing occurred on the second floor and not only are in the same building, but directly on the flat on the floor 15. So our department is like that in which the murder actually took place. It is a place very close. And hunting is not easy, "he said.

Adding to their discomfort is the fact that this is a team of men. "There is a woman in the small apartment. I'm taking some of the most terrible scenes with the crew of all men." Apparently, the crew and the residents have even begun to call Mary.

Sunday, Gill will shoot the real scene. "We want to recreate the gruesome murder." According to police reports, May 7, 2008 Susairaj opened the door to his apartment to Mathew, while the victim was Neeraj Grover in his room. Mathew Grover would have blocked the killing and the duo has placed the body in the woods near Manor Thane after cutting it into pieces and stuffed in a bag. The case will be heard by the court.


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