Mallika In A Bikini Goddess Lakshmi In Cannes

If we had a desi version of Lady Gaga, Mallika Sherawat surely at the top. Outrageous and courageous in his manner of dress, considering the wear and vegetables known Sherawat time Oscar!

The actress is ready to sizzle in the Cannes Film Festival which begins tomorrow. When a fan asked what had Sherawat Twitter, "probably will not Lakshmi a bikini!

Meanwhile, she assured that it will be fun. "Oh worry if u do theres nothing predictable about me, I would have fun @ Cannes)," she added.

Minissha Lamba on the other side, practicing her French. "Less than 24 hours b4 I fall on # # Nice airport in France. Heuresseulement 24 I landed a nice one airport as # Cannes," she wrote.

As Madhur Bhandarkar, he assured us be aware of Cannes. "No to Paris and Cannes Film Festival later. Or was published in the updates. Love-MB, which twittered.


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