No one has adopted me – Preity Zinta

Actress Preity Zinta seems to be alarmed by the news that Shandar biography Amroh "Somewhere out of nowhere," says it all for his decision to take him and give him all of his will. He says there is no truth in the news.

"No. 1 has or ever will take me or make me sign a will. He said it in interviews and press releases, facts are far from being the proof is in the pudding! (Sic)" published Preity, of 36, on his Twitter page.

Shandar, son of the late filmmaker Kamal Amroh is said to be the adoptive father Preity some time ago after she had supported in a case he filed in March last year against his sister and his son Rukhsar, Waseem on counterfeiting and theft of share documents on the homestead.

In a previous interview with IANS, the brother of Shandar Tajdar said: "My brother (Shandar) Preity considers her daughter. It is a blessing for us."


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