Popstar Lady GaGa Blame Workload Shared

The pop star Lady GaGa blames his busy schedule to break with her boyfriend long Carlos Lucas.

The singer, 25, who had dreamed of a fairy tale wedding with the heavy metal drummer could not attend all the dates of your wedding dress trial due to his busy work schedule, the newspaper Mail

"I'm really pathetic in my wedding dress. I have not been on dates recently because I worked so hard and I'm very bored very quickly with men, "GaGa said.The couple began dating in 2005, but pressure by the success Table gaga outbreak lead to split a month later.

After some time apart, and Carl GaGa rekindled his love, and decided to give a second chance last summer. They were seen enjoying a series of poolside vacation together, but intense program GaGa "album Born This Way" had left a number of gossip sites, if the couple was really something else.

The singer of "Paparazzi" has finally announced that she was alone on the Graham Norton show last week.

Meanwhile, Carl is a small indication of their distribution in your Twitter page on Saturday, when he posted the songs of Bob Seger, "Still the Same", next to the comment, "I miss you.


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