Prince William And Kate Middleton, The Honeymoon Is Over!

Newlyweds Prince William and Kate Middleton were discharged home after 10 North Wales break, romantic and above all, no media day honeymoon in the Seychelles.

So how was it? And what's next royal couple?

"The details of your honeymoon will be kept private," said a spokesman for Clarence House said in a statement.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, is back in the United Kingdom for their honeymoon in the Seychelles. The couple enjoyed their time together "blink of an eye, the palace. We hear what you say," and they are grateful for the Government of Seychelles for their help in the honeymoon example: a 10 memorable and special days. "

They reportedly included a number of days in which to dive, they saw a turtle nesting and hatching and saw coral, manta rays and sharks.

But how on earth have fun?

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Well, as the countdown to the emergence of a royal heir, the couple said they are not eager to replicate, say in their interview appointment that, they hope to have a "happy family "itself one day one day maybe not so soon.

"I think I'll take it one day, you get over the first marriage and then start thinking about children," Wills said at the time. Yet, the actual time of mites, which are a bit 'faster, and it would be fundamentally violated the tradition, if Kate did not become pregnant within the next two years. So, you know, mark your calendar.

Meanwhile, for their honeymoon in the Indian Ocean archipelago, details are scarce (and rightly), but the ride is rumored to have put the couple or, more specifically, parents who said Middleton the site of Bill in the vicinity of $ 720,000.

This cost includes safety, travel and rental costs of the heavy 11 villas at the Inn of the North Island Mahe Island (apparently rented the entire building for reasons of confidentiality is essential).

"The people of Seychelles are truly honored that the Prince William and his wife chose to return to Seychelles for this special celebration, and we are proud to have been able to offer them a peaceful and private getaway," Minister of Foreign Affairs of the island, Jean-Paul Adam said in a statement. "They left happy and satisfied with their stay clear."

The couple first went to the back and luxurious secluded island in 2007.

Although the couple left the island Friday, it is difficult to know when Will return to his duties at RAF Valley in Anglesey, but it would probably be today, if not even earlier this week.

As for what's next on the itinerary of the newlyweds real jetsetting "anniversary celebrations of Queen Elizabeth 85th will be held on June 11 (his birthday was true in April, if they entered conflict with Holy Thursday, a traditional religious event, postponing the festival) celebrations of the 90th anniversary of Prince Philip will be held June 12 (not her real birthday), June 30 to July 8, will travel to Canadian community, and until July 10 will make his long awaited visit to California


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