Salman Khan Tha Ek Tigre Goes Global

Salman's forthcoming film Khan, Ek Tha Tiger is ready to go around the world. The film will be shot in five countries around the world. News was that Chile in South America, Dublin, Ireland, and Istanbul, have been confirmed to date.

Yash Raj Tha Ek Tiger is the largest film budget. A reliable source said: "Kabir is not running in these places only to embellish his film.

The film is based on real events. Kabir examines seven countries in which to complete the five. It was just left to find out reconnaissance and logistics. So far, they were able to determine these three countries. "

Filming starts in July and is scheduled for release in early summer of next year. The first shooting schedulesis Chile.

Kabir Khan has refused to disclose further details.


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