Salman: The New King Of Bollywood

Bollywood is the new recovery mode. equations of power are always re-aligned and so are its representatives.

growing popularity of Salman Khan and references to the box office rewrote the power dynamics in Bollywood. Now, every advertiser, promoter and producer wants to be part of Salman. The folly of this Khan has suddenly grown competitors are wondering about the turn of events.

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According to one observer of Bollywood, Salman change happened with stocks WANTED. It was consolidated with his latest hit DABANGG huge and now ready to move to another level. In comparison, the film of SRK and Aamir has never generated the kind of national craze. The euphoria generated by Salman placed him far ahead of all other Khans in the city. And unlike before, Salman makes most of these good times to strengthen his hold on Bollywood by choosing to make films only with banners selected. "

With Salman's next film is promised ready to be a popular actor and tariff success for the third consecutive year, the title "King of Bollywood costumes might Khan better than others.


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