Shahid Kapoor Priyanka Tries To Fetch A Life!

Shahid Kapoor is striving to return Piggy Chops has life.Word that even Priyanka Chopra sufficiently clear to him that their relationship has ended ... and it is time to move on ... Shahid is not ready to take note. According to sources, Shahid has been an obsession desperate search and Priyanka Chopra has done his bit of passion and constantly to ensure that Priyanka falls for his half / SMS calls / / whatever. And if the friends of the Priyanka you believe that his message would have "taken the tone of a stalker!"

A source reveals, "Shahid has trouble letting go of Priyanka. He sent his followers desperate to find in your life, but it was to avoid that. When he learned that Priyanka will be in Shah Rukh for his IPL team, began frantically calling her because she could not participate due to injury. "

Add especially insider "Priyanka was very excited to meet and Brett Lee broke into an impromptu jig place, his phone was always red" Calling Shahid. "Shahid has sent her text messages, with the exception of mental tells what people liked Priyanka. But he does not belong, which is a just claim to remain "good friends.


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