When Appropriate, I'll Help Salman - Zarine Khan

Link-up to get good mileage actress gossip columns, and something similar happened to a British Zarine Khan, when she made her debut opposite Salman Khan, "Veer". But he did not hesitate to concede that when it is in trouble, falling back to him.

"I do not know the field, but yes, I believe that a faithful person (Salman), which led me to the industry. He is not to prevent his head. At work, I am free to do what I want. Not I have the background and Bollywood do not know a lot of people here, then where I am right, I fall back to him (Salman), "said Zarine IANS.

She has been roped in "Full House 2" and says it will help to break its image.

"I wanted to make this film because I wanted to break the perception of people who think that because I come from Britain, I can not speak Hindi and I am not worthy of a special look. I wanted to break the image I had in "Veer. I think" Full House 2 'help me prove my point, "she said.

For the rest of the 2010 comedy "Housefull" director Sajid Khan has launched a new set of actresses -. Zarina, Asin Thottumkal and Jacqueline Fernandez, who made a clip of the song in the first leg, male drivers have also been remodeled a bit - while Akshay Kumar has been arrested, John Abraham is the newcomer.

Zarina weight problem followed Housefull 2 ​​"also - was invited to get in shape for comedy.

"The film that moves me so nervous because the role in the film is ultra glamorous and I have to be super-fit. I'm working very hard. We will start filming later this month. J has a long way to go very short time.

"The most important thing for me is weight loss, because the only thing I was told was to get the right shape," said Zarina who do not mind working in multi-starrer.

"This is a setback for a newcomer does not have a background of Bollywood. If you have a parent or someone who is here, then do not suffer from biases that happens."

But a positive response to the point the song "Make Dhila and Salman in" Ready "has raised his hopes.

"Veer has been a dream start with Salman. It was all so good, but the film did not do well. He was struck everywhere, my weight has been criticized. I wondered what was wrong, why did not anyone help me ? The media has just broken. Whatever the event I attended, he wrote about my dress, my weight again and again.

"I was very disappointed. After" Character dhil "became a hit, in terms of people about me has changed. People are starting to take me, "said Zarin.

Asked if he has another project in his vessel, he said, "After" Full House 2 ", I could make another film that I'm not sure yet, but it is not with him (Salman)


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